You get two actions per round, only one of which can be miraculous. Actions can be mundane (using Will to form an Intention), miraculous (using MP to form a miracle), or sustained (continuing an effect you started in an earlier round). Also there are reflexive actions, which you can do any time.

There is no order to turns in a round; everybody goes whenever. You can change your action in response to someone else's action; this starts a Flurry, in which anyone can change their actions until everyone is satisfied.

Skill penalty to mundane actions that would confound you
Aspect + purchased Cool
Leadership; can be used by allies as a Skill
Persona + purchased Shine
Effective skill penalty to opponent for purposes of winning a conflict
See Edge table beow
Alternative to Miraculous Edge; breaks equal or weaker Auctoritas
Invoked Bond + expended MP
Any amount protects against miracles
Affliction rating or Auctoritas Magister
Divine Mantle
Provides Miraculous Edge for a scene
spend MP up to Domain rating as a reflexive action
Auctoritas Magister
Protects you, your actions, and people within 5' from miracles
Spend MP up to your Persona as a miraculous action; sustained action to sustain
Base effectiveness of mundane action
Expended Will + highest {Skill | Passion | ally's Shine}
Degree of success of mundane action (see Mundane Difficulty)
Highest {Intention | Aspect miracle + 3} + Tool + Inherent Superiority - highest {obstacle | opponent's Cool} + Bond (if there's a skill penalty)
Victory (Mundane)
whether you win a mundane conflict
Achievement, replacing highest {obstacle | opponent's Cool} with highest {obstacle | opponent's Cool | opponent's Edge (miraculous or regular) | opponent's Inherent Superiority}
Miracle Level
Base power of miracle
Highest of {attribute + expended attribute MP | Affliction rating + 1}
Victory (Miraculous)
Which of two opposing miracles wins
Miracle level - highest {opponent's Miraculous Edge | opponent's Strike}
Whether your miracle actually affects the target
Strike >= target's Auctoritas
Mundane Difficulty
0- attempt to do things, but only make things worse;
1 make yourself happy;
2 accomplish a task; have a tangible impact on the world;
3 do something "correctly"; impress people around you;
4 do something effective — something that moves you closer to your goals;
5 do something productive — something that makes your life better.
6 do something that looks damn good — impressive, dramatic, and cool;
7 do something really effective, moving you a lot closer to your goals;
8 do something really productive — it will make your life a lot better;
9+ do the right thing, for some fuzzy definition of right.

You have 8 Will/day; spend in packet of 1, 2, 4, or 8 to form an Intention.
Regain 1 Will when you stop sustaining an Intention.

+0 You've got basically equivalent bling.
+1 Your tennis racket and shoes are awesome, and theirs are falling apart. Also, you are playing tennis.
+2 You have a gun. They are unarmed.
+3 You have your hands free. They are busy holding up the sky.
+4 You're in a car, and they're racing you on foot.
+5 Your opponent has mistakenly brought a knife to a global thermonuclear annihilation fight.
Inherent Superiority
+0 You're within human norms.
+1 You're unrealistically good.
+2 You're like Sherlock Holmes (Superior Detective 2) or John Henry (Superior Steel Drivin' 2).
+3 You're like a beast — bears have Superior Strength 3, great cats have Superior Reflexes 3.
+4 You're something far beyond human — mountains have Superior Strength 4.
+5 Nothing mortal can stand against you — light, for example, has Superior Speed 5.
Wounds & Healing (revised)
ML Mundane Weapon Mortal Normal Power Durant Immortal Power
0 Fist or Foot Pain Scratch - -
1 Knife or Animal Hurt Surface Wound - -
2 Gun or Bonfire Serious Injury Serious Wound Scratch -
3 Chainsaw or Car Crash Critical Injury Deadly Wound Surface Wound -
4 Machine Gun or House Fire Kill Deadly Wound Serious Wound -
5 Tank Cannon or Train Instantly Kill Deadly Wound Deadly Wound Scratch
6 Naval Gun or Avalanche Kill and Mangle Deadly Wound Deadly Wound Surface Wound
7 Cruise Missile or Volcano Overkill Deadly Wound Deadly Wound Serious Wound
8 Nuclear Explosion Disintegration Deadly Wound Deadly Wound Deadly Wound
9 Supernova Annihilation Deadly Wound Deadly Wound Deadly Wound

Surface Wounds inflict 1-5 point Bonds: typically 2 points for a lesser miracle, and 4 points for a greater miracle.
Serious Wounds inflict 1 point Afflictions.
Deadly Wounds inflict 1-5 point Afflictions.

You can give yourself a new bond or affliction in play by taking an appropriate wound.

If you directly oppose a miracle that wounds you with a miracle of your own, the wound is reduced in lethality by an unspecified amount.

Breaking a Bond or Affliction inflicts a wound: lvl 1 = Surface Wound, 2-3 = Serious Wound, 4 = Deadly Wound, 5 = Two Deadly Wounds.


Aspect Domain Persona Treasure
0 mortal actions [competence = Passion/Skill + 3] Estate-Driven Divination knowing when something endangers your Estate The Sight recognize deep bonds between people/things and your Estate; Your Anchors have no overhead
1 mortal actions [competence = Passion/Skill + 4] Ghost Miracle little tricks and manifestations Blessing or Curse bless or curse a person with the nature of your Estate; you can possess them
2 mortal actions [competence = Passion/Skill + 5] Lesser Divination talking to your Estate, shaping it, knowing things about it Lesser Incarnation incarnate yourself in something from your Estate; you can guide them from afar
3 flawless grace, execution, and timing Lesser Preservation protecting and strengthening your Estate Lesser Emulation enforce the Properties of your Estate on yourself; you can make and unleash magical/high-tech Wonders
4 incredible force Lesser Creation, Summoning, or Animation summoning, creating, or animating parts of your Estate Lesser Enchantment imbue something with the nature of your Estate; your Anchors act on your behalf
your local Anchors are easily available
5 superhuman precision and control Lesser Destruction destroying or banishing part of your Estate with a thought;
Greater Divination greater miracles of knowledge
Lesser Sacrifice steal part of your Estate's nature from a thing;
Greater Incarnation incarnate yourself in your Estate throughout the world;
your Anchors become functional, flexible weapons
6 unlimited power and speed Lesser Motion adding new effects and qualities to your Estate
complex control over your Estate
Greater Preservation epic miracles to protect and strengthen your Estate
Lesser Binding change how someone or something relates to your Estate
Greater Emulation epic miracles that enforce the Properties of your Estate on yourself;
your Anchors can achieve cool things
you can claim and unleash miraculous Anchors
7 unreasonable, metaphorical effects [local and short-term] Greater Creation, Summoning, or Animation epic miracles to summon, create, or animate part of your Estate Greater Enchantment epic miracles to enforce the nature of your Estate on others; your miraculous Anchors act on your behalf
you can access your Anchors from anywhere
8 unreasonable, metaphorical effects [any] Greater Destruction epic miracles to destroy or banish part of your Estate Greater Sacrifice epic miracles to steal your Estate's nature from a thing or area; you can combine your powers with your miraculous Anchors' for awesome joint effects
9 you've mastered the effect for the rest of the story. Greater Motion sweeping changes to your Estate
epic miracles of complex control over your estate
Greater Binding epic miracles that change how things interact with your Estate your miraculous Anchors can invoke Imperial miracles