I like to make games that blur boundaries. The boundaries between player and character, between digital and physical, and between games and things that aren't games.

Sometimes I make things that aren't games, mods, or maps. You can find those in the Tools section.

My Games

100% original content.

John Dies at the End: The RPG

Now you too can have your brain eaten by spiders!

Based on the book John Dies at the End by David Wong, this tabletop RPG perfectly simulates the experience of staring into the writhing void that is the truth of the world and flipping it off.

Murder at the Masquerade

A mobile-powered murder mystery party game that's different every time.

You're at a party. A masquerade. Someone gets murdered. Everyone is masked. Everyone has motives. Survive the evening, and achieve your goals at any cost, but beware—murder has a way of begetting more murder.

Other People's Games

100% recycled original content.

Modest Mod

Vanilla Dwarf Fortress, made better.

The Modest Mod is a collection of vital bugfixes and tweaks that any Dwarf Fortress player should be able to use comfortably and without reservation. This mod doesn't add anything new. It doesn't do anything controversial. It's just like vanilla DF, but a little better. French vanilla.

Tomb of Horrors

A Minecraft adventure map

A painstakingly accurate recreation of the classic D&D module Tomb of Horrors. Solve dastardly puzzles, survive deadly traps, and die over and over again to entertain your friends!