Builders, bots, and generators to make your games better.

For RPGs

Mainly D&D.


The most powerful dicebot in the world. Also the sassiest.

Ever get frustrated with all the weak-ass dicebots out there? All they ever do is, well, roll dice. Sometimes they add a number to that. Super basic stuff.

Fortuna blows that all out of the water. Filter, reroll, explode and sort dice rolls, then perform arbitrarily complex math on them. Distribute rolls across multiple targets, then save a roll to repeat later.

But that's just the beginning. Fortuna can also draw cards, predict the future, carry on a rudimentary conversation, and cuss you out if you're being rude.

Fortuna works for 99% of dice systems out there; for the rest, special compatibility modules will be created as needed.

5e Monster Builder

Confused by the D&D 5e monster creation rules? Look no further.

Create perfectly-formatted statblocks for fully customizable monsters and NPCs. The app does all the math and balancing for you; just add creativity.

A must for any DM who makes their own creatures.

For Other Games

Just Dwarf Fortress so far.


Instantly generate realistic languages for Dwarf Fortress.

A tool for creating unique languages, used by dozens of mods.

DFLang takes a collection of words from one or more existing languages and randomly generates a number of additional words that sound like they could belong to that language. It takes these generated words and uses them to construct a well-formatted language_###.txt raw file.